Grand Canyon

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A summer storm passes over the Grand Canyon and Mount Hayden.
Mount Hayden
A grove of apsen take on a somber mood as smoke from a nearby fire filters through it.
Smokey Aspen
Sunset at Mather Point along the south rim of the Grand Canyon.
Mather Point
A popular spot at Mather Point for dare devils posing for selfies
Diving Board
An old junipe lives precariously at the edge of the Grand Canyon's south rim at sunrise.
Canyon Juniper
The curved ridgeline leading to Woton's Throne on the Grand Canyon's north rim.
Wotan's Throne
Forest ferns growing in the shade of the forest floor at Point Sublime at the Grand Canyon.
Sublime Ferns
Kaibab Plateau Aspens on a foggy morning.
Aspen Fog

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