Photo of a gray shed in Henryville, Utah. Photo of a deralict lumber trailer in Henryville, Utah Photo of the old Nelson's gas station in Cannonville, Utah. Photo of an abandoned white storfront in Henriville, Utah.
I’m a landscape photographer specializing in high quality photographs of the places I love . . . the American West and New Zealand. I'm offering my work for sale as open and limited edition prints, licensed images, folio collections and books.


Santa Lucia Fog Folio is now available.

Six quality photographs in a handsome case produced using the highest museum quality standards at a great price. Be sure to stop by the Santa Lucia page to learn more about Folios and this project. While you're there, you can download the free PDF version that you can save and view on your own computer. To get there, simply following the link on the Menu, clicking on the thumbnail on the left or click here.