New Work

These photos are my most recent.
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A captivating landscape photo of Adelaida winery's orchard on a hill, with rolling grassy hills in the foreground, under a clear blue sky in San Luis Obispo.
Slope Serenade
Immerse yourself in the timeless elegance of the Gadsden Hotel's grand marble staircase, inviting you to step into a world of architectural splendor.
Marble Memories
Gleaming stainless steel silos in a cotton field, reflecting the morning light
Gleaming Silos
Abandoned farm equipment at Arlington Cattle Company.
Feed Mill
A captivating view of Mexican Poppies in full bloom, resembling a lively dance of petals.
Dancing Petals
A festive window display showcasing a vintage Chambers gas stove and Christmas decorations.
Vintage Charm
A view of Bisbee's Main Street, with its colorful storefronts, snow-capped mountains, and decorative lights
Heart of Bisbee
A mural painted by local artist Doug Quimby depicts a bar scene at the Old Bisbee Brewing Company.
Bisbee Canvas
The green and white clock tower of the red brick Pythian Castle punches into the cold clear winter sky in Bisbee, Arizona..
Pytheon Castle
Tourists walk along the bright colored shops along Tombstone Canyon Road.
Technicolor Stroll
A popular wedding in Temecula as seen from Leoness Cellars.
Morgan Estate
The warm afternoon winter sun casts a golden light on a vineyard in Temucla, California.
Vine Fields
Snow covered San Jacinto peak rises above a fallow field in Temucla, California.
San Jacinto
A pair of droment trees on the horizona wait for the arrival of spring.
Winter Trees
A mid century Shell Gas Station in Lowell, Arizona.
Shell Station
An old Greyhound scenic cruiser parked on Erie Street outside the bus depot.
An old Chevy Bel Air parked in front of the Gulf gas staion in Lowell, Arizona.
Gulf Bel Air
An old Chevy truck parked outside of the Lowell theater in Lowell, Arizona.
Lowell Theater
Sets of spurs on display at a Tombstone boot store.
The sun lights up a Tombstone Apartment on an blustery winter afternoon.
White Pickets
The glorious back-bar at the Crystal Palace Saloon makes it worth stopping in for a beer.
Crystal Palace
A brick wall encloses the yard of the Tombstone Courthouse where public hangings took place.
Courthouse Yard
Actors on Allen street drumming up an audience for the 3:00 show.
Red rock outcrops along the Virgin River west of Zion with a dusting of snow.
Eagle Crags