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Yellowstone falls on a chilly spring afternoon.
Yellowstone Falls
The Old Faithful gyerser performs on time.
Old Faithful
Steam rises from the hot pools at Mamoth Hot Springs in Yellowstone National Park.
Mamoth Hot Springs
Tower creek joins the Yellowstone River just after it falls off a 100 foot ledge.
Tower Falls
Early morning ground fog tumbles into the Snake River Gorge as the sun comes up on the Grand Tetons.
Grand Tetons
A single tree on the shore of Yellowstone lake on a stormy day.
Tree Yellowstone Lake
Red algee growing beside a clear flow in one of Yellowstone's hot springs.
Red Algae
One of Yellowstone's hot springs flowing through a field of red algae.
Yellowstone Hot Spring
Bright yellow aspen with red huckleberry bush below.
Aspen and Huckleberry

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