Arizona Farm Collection

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A quaint white chapel with a cross stands solitary among the lettuce fields under the expansive Arizona sky, inviting passersby for a moment of prayer and solitude.
Heaven and Harvest
Eight new grain silos gleam in the sunrise near Aguila, Arizona
Gleaming Silos
Cattle graze in fields beneath Seal Mountain near Walnut Grove, Arizona.
Seal Mountain
An irrigation pipe lays in a water ditch at a mustard field in Welton, Arizona.
Welton Mustard
An old cottonwood tree grows along the irrigation lines in Peeples Valley, Arizona.
Peeples Valley Cottonwood
A cottonwood treek broken by winter winds leans precariously in Peeples Valley, Arizona.
Broken Cottonwood
Tin Shed
A pair of date palms on the corner of an alfalfa field.
Two Palms
White chemical tanks beside the railroad tracks on the west side of Phoenix.
White Silos
A power line runs along the north border of a corn field on the west side of Phoenix.
Corn Power
Abandoned Arlington feed mill along old US 80.
Arlington Feed Mill
Grain silos at a Buckeye siding on the west side of Phoenix.
Buckeye Grain Silos