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Little Chief Mountain in Glacier National Park, Montana.
Little Chief Mountain
Water rushing dow Baring Creek flows into Lake St. Mary; Glacier National Park.
Baring Creek
A summer storm brings rain to Lake St. Mary in Glacier NP.
Lake St Mary Storm
Abiathar Peak is located in the northeast corner of Yellowstone National Park.
Abiathar Peak
Stalks of harvested hay poke through the early snow at the edge of Montaina's prarie.
Prarie's Edge
On a bleak winter afternoon, telephone lines break the gray monotony.
Power Lines
Cattails growing along the banks of the James River near Bozeman Montaina.
James River
Pine Creek fals in the mountains above Pine Creek Montaina.
Pine Creek Falls
Emigrant Peak glows in sunset above Paridise Valley Montaina.
Emigrant Peak

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