Adventures in Traveling With a Canoe Sailing along America's Interstates

Being on the road isn’t always predictable. When everything is right, you’re filled with a sense of adventure and invincibility when you begin your journey. That’s the way Magellan must have felt when he sailed around the world for the first time. Then there are the other times when you wonder why you ever left the house. The item you forgot to pack, the door you forgot to lock, or the thing you just had to bring and is now driving you nuts are examples of times that make you want to stop and turn the car around.

This article is about one of those times and it comes from our friends—the Poteets—who set off last week for a summer in Minnesota. Deb unwittingly wrote this summer’s first guest post when she sent me emails about their trip. Her comments made me smile, so I thought I’d share them with you.

Wayward Canoe
Wayward Canoe – “Eight times tied down and it isn’t going anywhere now!
Adventures in Traveling With a Canoe

Thought you would find this interesting. So we left North Ranch and were barely 500 feet when the wind moved the canoe. Yikes!!!

We slowly drove to a place to pull over and Fred readjusted the straps and off we went again. This was to reoccur three times! Do you think we could have picked a windier day to leave?

Got to Meteor Crater RV Park and one more time Fred redid the straps on the canoe. Let’s see, that’s 4 times.

 Monday we went to see the crater. On our way, it felt like we crawled to stay on the road with the canoe still on the truck. Once there Fred decided to check straps again and his hat—his favorite hat—flew off his head and over a fence.

 Well … to get his hat, he has to get over the fence somehow. Hum … his Good Wife reminded him that he had a step-ladder in the back of the truck.  He managed to get his hat and we continued to the crater. (Editor’s Note: Fred has already injured himself three times via ladders.)

 We watched the film inside the discovery center which was interesting. Tour was canceled due to the wind. I might add that I could barely stay on my feet. Hold my hat, hold the rail, and try to see the crater … big hole!

 Gourmet lunch at Subway and we purchased a tee-shirt before we headed back to the RV Park.

 OK, adjustment number 6—adding more straps.

 Windy, windy, windy!!!

 We are off to Santa Fé today. Ugh! It’s still very windy. Fred says it will be a tailwind. Fingers crossed that we don’t have a canoe sail!

Share this with Anne as I am not typing this again.

Hugs Deb”

I think it would be a great Christmas gift idea if everybody went to Harbor Freight and got Fred another ladder or more sets of tie-down straps.

Until next time—jw

2 thoughts on “Adventures in Traveling With a Canoe Sailing along America's Interstates

  1. We are laughing now.
    So far the canoe has stayed in place.
    Although the trip from Taos to Dodge City was a bit scary
    Wind, rain, switchbacks…..a very slow trip.

  2. By the way, Meteor Crater clocked the wind speed that day at 40 to 50 mph with a record gust at 95 MPH!!!!!
    We did have a tail wind the next day, but the canoe created a vortex that sucked our new mat out of the truck bed. It’s probably in Kansas by now.
    The canoe did come in handy in Taos. It kept the snow off the windshield.

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