Harcuvar Sunset Picture of the Week

There are good days and there are bad days. I have been out on photo shoots where nothing went right, and then there have been days when everything was perfect. This week’s photo is from one of my better days. Last week, I went on an expedition to Alamo Lake—a place I hadn’t visited before—because I saw a place in a student’s assignment that I wanted to photograph. I spent several hours driving to La Paz County and an hour searching for the right place. I spent another hour or two walking and shooting before I felt like I had what I wanted and packed up for the long drive home. As I got closer to home, the sun was setting and when I turned onto State Route 71, this was the view out of my door window so I pulled over to capture it.

Harcuvar Sunset
Harcuvar Sunset – After a day of shooting in the desert, I stopped on the drive home to take one last photograph.

I’m pretty ambivalent about sunset photos. They’re beautiful and all, but they’re everywhere. When I was younger I shot a lot of them, then I went through a period where I ignored them. Maybe I’ve mellowed in my old age because I feel like I’ve passed up some spectacular shots because I was too lazy to drive to an open field and I promised myself to rectify that.

This shot—called Harcuvar Sunset—is interesting to me because of the cloud layers. The sun’s last rays color the low clouds while the higher upper streaks are still white. The contrail—usually something that meddles in a photo—seems to be caught in the space between them. I captured this scene at the edge of an alfalfa field in Aguila and the mountains are the Harcuvar Range—I was shooting on the north side of them for most of the day.

You can see a larger version of Harcuvar Sunset on its Web page here. I hope you enjoy my new work and that you’ll tell me what you think. Do you think sunsets are beautiful or are they trite and overdone?

Until next time — jw

2 thoughts on “Harcuvar Sunset Picture of the Week

  1. I do like sunsets, especially this one of yours! The condition of the clouds are outstanding. Even as a kid traveling in a car with my folks I loved watching the clouds. The colors produced with the right lighting etc.
    Sunsets and, or Clouds could make a good book .

  2. Sunsets are an emotional draw, all the colors are vibrant but in a calming way. There must be something primal in their presentation since they are represented in many mediums.
    Sunset years. Sunsetting. Sunseters. Code words for you are friggin’ dying.
    The only valuable use for the word is: Sunset Cocktails, which denotes the end of temporary sobriety.

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