On to Denali

This Web Site has been evolving since I first published it in 2003, and this month I’m adding more content by starting a blog. The intent of these notes is to keep you informed of what shenanigans we’re up to while we’re out on the road.

As most of my newsletter readers know already, we’ve been planning an Alaska trip for the last year and a half. Our close friends are joining Queen Anne and I in a caravan to photograph the Great Mountain; Denali. The caravan consists of Fred and Deb’s pickup pulling their Casita trailer ‘lil Bit, Sally’s class B motor home named Baby, and our SUV pulling The Ritz; our Casita trailer. The scheduled route will cover over 9,000 miles and take us three months to travel. None of us have taken such a journey before . . . but then, we’ve never been retired until now. We’re all excited, and a bit apprehensive.

The trip is now in it’s final planning stages and we leave the first of June. My intent for this blog is to report on our journey. I hope to share the places we visit, the people we meet, the highs and the challenges we encounter. I plan on using this platform to show pictures, reviews and thoughts we collect along the way. This will be a less formal presentation, so I won’t be using it to show my art. Instead we’ll hang our snapshots. It’s my hope that posts will be frequent . . . if not daily, perhaps at least weekly.

A second advantage of using a blog format is that you can participate with your comments. Perhaps you’ve made this trip already and you’d like to recommend a place to visit, a restaurant to try or something to avoid. I’d like to hear your recommendations. If you have a question that we can answer, use the comment feature to ask any of us. Your participation is the reason for blogging, so any comments you make will encourage us.

If you already follow someone’s blog, you already know how, but for those of you that are uninitiated there are two ways to follow this blog. First, you can visit this page via the link my Web Page daily or on a regular basis. A second method is to use one of the RSS links in the right column and subscribe.  The ‘Entrees RSS’ link will alert you when a new post is made and the ‘Comment RSS’ link does the same when new comments are added.

With that background, this months priorities are packing and preparation. Have you been to Alaska during summer? What clothing should we pack? What haven’t we thought to bring? What troubles will we have crossing the boarder? Tell us.